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Roopa Kaushik-Brown: Artist Residency




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Healing Through Parenthood
2:00pm-4:30pm Sundays July 17th and 24th

Spice Harmony Yoga Studio
Calivigny, St. George’s

ONE CLASS:  Individual $50EC / Family $90EC
TWO CLASSES: Individual $80EC / Family $140EC 


Unwind, strengthen, find solace in a two-part workshop with Groundation Grenada Artist in Residence, Roopa Kaushik Brown.  
Parenthood, pregnancy, and newborns create a lot of intensity; whether it be joyous or challenging, intensity requires much grounding to navigate well.  This two part, skill sharing workshop is designed to encourage parents to share ways in which the parenthood experience has already been intense, and strategies that work to create space and stillness in the midst of all the business and emotions.  We will make time to write, do yoga asana/movements, mindful meditation, and ultimately create a zine; a small booklet that participants can all access online or as a printed copy.  On the second Sunday, July 24, we will connect with the Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding circle via Skype, an awesome group led by experienced birth workers who believe in supporting black and brown motherhood in all ways. Babies welcome, and dads are too. My husband and baby will be present for at least one of the workshops. Last thing, please don’t let cost stand in the way of coming, just reach out to me if that is the case and we will meet you where you are at. Hope to see you this Sunday or next!



Roopa_PreCrnvlYoga (2)

Pre-Carnival Yoga Sessions: For Focus, Freedom, Flexibility
9:30am – 12:00pm
Saturday 23rd, 2016

Spice Harmony Yoga Studio
Calivigny, St. George’s
Suggested Contribution: $40-60EC
*No one turned away for lack of funds

Unwind and strengthen in a workshop with Roopa Kaushik-Brown, Groundation Grenada Artist-in-Residence


This session is designed to help Carnival 2016 become a truly healing time.  Focus encourages freedom, and with freedom comes flexibility.  When we are free, we can bend so that we don’t break. When we are able to focus and see with clarity, we can take right actions towards strategic goals that can help liberate us. Freedom, focus, and flexibility are seeds within us; they need our care in order to grow strong and bear fruit. We will water these seeds through mindful practices of meditation, asana/yoga movement, and writing.  We will focus on heart opening poses, stamina and meditations to cultivate internal space and freedom.  We will also focus on spinal flexibility, confidence and meditations on balance during hectic times.  We begin with movement and breath; then we write, self-reflect and share; and we engage with more asana and meditation to close.  This workshop is  designed to share skills that will help strengthen your own practices of freedom, focus and flexibility through yoga you may do at home or with others in the studio.

All bodies are welcome, both beginner and advanced practitioners encouraged to join.  Please bring a pen and notebook or journal to write in.  Yoga mats available for your use at no extra cost.

Art will be available for purchase after each session, including images of handmade yoga screenprints (like the image above by Roopa), as well as a healing and wellness zine called Best Practices in Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Violence written by Roopa.  These make great gifts for anyone who wants encouragement along the way to keep up the yoga practice.



IMG_4439Roopa Kaushik-Brown
Groundation Grenada Artist-in-Residence

Roopa works at the intersection of art, healing and social justice. She is a visual artist, certified pre-natal yoga instructor, doula and a new mom. She is also a licensed attorney and PhD student in Justice and Social Inquiry PhD at the School of Social Transformation (ASU). Roopa will be hosting the following workshops during July 2016: Healing Through Parenthood and Pre-Carnival Yoga Sessions: For Focus, Freedom, Flexibility.

Her research areas include critical race theory and racial mobilities in law, hip-hop, and the contemplative practices. She holds a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, with a certificate in South Asian Studies, from the University of Pittsburgh, a JD from Boalt School of Law, and an MA in Cinema Studies from NYU. In 2003, Roopa launched SAAPYA (South Asian American Perspectives on Yoga in America) via an ongoing series of groundbreaking panels and arts residencies elevating the voices of South Asian diasporic artists, activists, and academics talking yoga, race, cosmopolitanisms and cultural wars.

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