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Jamaican curator Nicole Smythe-Johnson visits Grenada

March 21, 2017

Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Inaugural Tilting Axis Fellow 2017

Jamaican writer and independent curator, Nicole Smythe-Johnson, is currently visiting Grenada as the inaugural Tilting Axis Fellow. Hosted locally by Groundation Grenada, Nicole’s research focuses on Caribbean curatorial practice, particularly as it occurs in artist-run and other non-traditional art spaces.

Groundation Grenada is collaborating with Nicole to host an Artist Town Hall Lime, at which she will talk about her work and invite local voices to discuss the needs, challenges and opportunities around creating art in Grenada.

This event will take place on Thursday March 23rd 2017 from 5 – 7:30pm at the Art Upstairs Gallery on the Carenage (near Courts). All artists and art interested folks are warmly invited to join this community gathering and bring drink or snack to share.

If you are a visual artist in Grenada please take a few minutes to complete Groundation Grenada’s brief online survey, which will help paint a picture of the needs of the local art community. As part of the fellowship, Nicole has offered to review local artists’ portfolios and provide critical feedback on their work.

Submit a request for your free portfolio review by midnight Thurs. March 23rd. First come, first serve. 


Things you find in the sea #grenada #tiltingaxisfellowship

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Nicole has written for ARC magazine, Miami Rail, Flash Art, Jamaica Journal and several other local and international publications. She is currently Assistant Curator on an exhibition of the work of Jamaican painter John Dunkley at the Perez Art Museum in Miami opening May 2017. Apart from Grenada, Nicole’s journey of exploring innovative art space will take her to Puerto Rico, Barbados and Suriname, as part of her Tilting Axis Fellowship. This fellowship is in partnership with CCA Glasgow, David Dale Gallery and Studios, Hospitalfield, Mother Tongue and Tilting Axis. Supported by British Council Scotland.

Get in touch with Nicole:


cropped-cropped-cropped-realgroundationlogo1.jpgGroundation Grenada is a social action collective which focuses on the use of creative media to assess the needs of our communities, raise consciousness and act to create positive radical growth. Our mission is to provide active safe spaces to incubate new modes of resistance, building from the local to affect regional and international solidarity and change. We pursue our mission online, through our website and social media, and also through live events and special projects in collaboration with local, regional and international artists, activists and institutions. Groundation Grenada’s website supports both local and diasporic voices, acting as an interface to connect people who are hungry for innovative change.

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