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Mt. Zion Library Announces Name Change and Temporary Closure of General Library

April 30, 2016

The library becomes Grenada Community Library and moves to the Grenada National Museum building in an effort to continue offering services amidst fundraising challenges

St.George’s, Grenada – The Mt. Zion Library is beginning two major transitions. The first is a name change to Grenada Community Library & Resource Centre in an effort to express greater  inclusiveness about the work we do.  Secondly the library will move to the National Museum Building, in order to cut costs and work towards financial sustainability. In addition we will continue fundraising, while seeking sponsorships and grant opportunities. The General Library  will close temporarily at the end of April 2016 so the collection can be moved  to storage at the Museum. The temporary closure of the general collection allows the library team to reduce costs while it attempts to secure avenues of ongoing financial support. The Children’s collection and activity programs will remain open in current location and move to the Museum at the end of May 2016.

“This library began as a community effort and can only continue through that same spirit,” said Ayisha John, Co-Director of The Grenada Community Library. “We have seen an incredible demand for the resources, programmes and the supportive environment we provide to our members. Grenada needs more of these spaces for learning and creativity, but the only way we can continue to offer this is if we get the support we need to keep our doors open.” The reopening of the general collection will be possible if the library secures sustained funding for operational costs. You can support this effort by making a donation now. Don’t silence the library. You can make a difference by becoming a Friend of the Library, making a donation, hosting a fundraiser or sharing our project with those in your family, church, organization or business who are in a position to donate.

About Grenada Community Library (formally Mt. Zion Library): Grenada Community Library is a collective response to the ongoing closure of the Grenada National Library. Since our conception in 2013 we have been building community through literacy, love and collaboration. In 2014 we opened full time hours. Our focus is on introducing young people to the world of stories, knowledge and confidence building through participation, discussion and critical thinking. In addition, we serve the local business community by providing functional literacy and other basic skills to maximise the employment potential of individuals. Membership is free for all. To learn more visit soon to moving to

Contact us at our current location at the Arnold John Building, St.George’s Grenada
Email us at
Kibi Dickson (473) 457-5725 or Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe (473) 410-5271

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