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Why I Travel the World Teaching Meditation (Next Stop Grenada!)

March 22, 2015

:: by Ilse Marel ::


I believe that inside everyone, there is purity, goodness and an amazing potential waiting to be discovered. Sometimes, we just need the right tools to get it out. My tool is meditation and that’s why I travel the world sharing this beautiful art with anyone who wants to learn.


Now, don’t take me as a Yogi or Guru because I’m not. I’m a regular person, who one day stumbled across Peace Revolution. This is a project by the World Peace Initiative, a non-profit organization that believes that individual self-development can act as a foundation of peace-building. At the moment, it seemed like an ordinary day, but little did I know that my life was about to experience a 360° turn.

Those days, I didn’t have much to do and I saw that Peace Revolution offers a free online meditation program. If you finish it, you can apply and win a fellowship in Thailand. This country had been my dream destination for years. Too good to be true… so I gave it a try.



Since the first time I meditated, I fell crazy in love with it. The initial benefits I experienced were relaxation and a sense of fulfillment that I had never felt before. As I continued, I started becoming more aware, more grounded, I started having clarity and focus. I learnt to love and accept myself. I started smiling more, I became kinder and more simple. All by sitting and doing nothing for 35 min. each day.

We get caught up with things that are happening around us, and we forget about the most important one: ourselves. Meditation is a reminder, to turn your gaze inward and find strength to live more fully.


I received a wonderful gift but I thought it would be selfish to keep it for myself. When one person discovers the truth and beauty that lie within them, the world automatically becomes a better place. I had to share this meditation thing with as many people as I could. I decided to turn it into a personal mission and became a Peace Revolution volunteer shortly after attending their fellowship.

That was the beginning of where I am today, 3 years later, and I couldn’t be happier. This week I will be in Grenada as part of a tour around Latin America and the Caribbean. I’ll be giving free workshops for all those who want to learn how to manage stress, being balance to their lives and find inner harmony. Groundation Grenada is co-hosting one of my sessions on Wednesday 25th March 5:30pm at the Youth Centre, Grand Anse. Let us know that you are coming on the facebook event page or just show up! See the full schedule of free workshops in Grenada below.  My dream is that we can all live in peace and this is my way of making it happen.


Free Public Meditation Workshops this Week in Grenada! 

Tues. 24th March 9:00am – Yoga & Meditation
Spice Harmony Yoga Studio, Calivigny, St. George

Tues. 24th March 6:30pm – Topic: Stress Management
Harford Village Community Center, St. Andrew

Wed. 25th March 5:30pm – Topic: How to find Inner Harmony & Balance
Youth Centre, Grand Anse, St. George

Thurs. 26th March 8:00am – Yoga & Meditation Topic: Stress Management
Sankalpa Yoga Studio, True Blue Bay Resort, St. George

ilseIlse Marel
Peace Coach Coordinator, Peace Revolution
Ilse Marel is a Life Coach, Blogger and Textile Designer. Her life changed radically after she discovered meditation, which is why she abandoned her career as a fashion designer and started to work in the field of personal development. She’s now on a mission of showing people how to live happy, peaceful and meaningful lives.

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