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Mt Zion Library continues to move forward!

September 5, 2014

Mt Zion volunteer Librarian Grenada


“Grenada has the highest poverty rate amongst the English Caribbean countries. Children and youths make up the majority of that rate.” (UNDP: 2009 Human Development Report) “Grenada’s unemployment rate currently stands at 40 per cent.” (The Commonwealth Media, web 2013) A past Minister of Education stated that the nation’s secondary school graduates are “unemployed and unemployable.” A high poverty rate and low functional literacy rate is affecting the future development of Grenada and seems to contribute to an increasing number of disenfranchised youth, a perceived lack of options and lack of motivation for self-development.

Mt. Zion Library is a collective, charitable initiative, founded by the Mt. Zion Full Gospel Revival Ministries Intl., Groundation Grenada, Oonya Kempadoo and Hands Across the Sea, in response to the closure of the National Public Library and absence of a communal space for literacy in St. George’s, Grenada. We are proud to share our progress to date:

• Our General Library is open to the public with full bookshelves, thanks to the addition of two barrels of books donated from Naugatuck Valley Community College, Connecticut.

• Our Children’s Library is also fully stocked with beautiful books and membership doubled over the summer.

• Mt. Zion Library is a supportive and youth-friendly space providing opportunities for volunteering and career mentoring.


Mt. Zion Library, a free community-led library located upstairs in the Arnold John building, Melville Street, St George’s, is currently open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 2.30 pm – 5:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am – 2:00pm. We welcome all to join as free members of our Children’s Library (ages 5-12 years) or our General Collection (ages 13 – adult).

You can support the library’s on-going efforts in expanding reading, homework support and literacy programs to a greater number of Grenadian children, youth and adults with your generous donations here, by volunteering your time and expertise or by participating in our upcoming fundraising events. Funding donations to support operational costs and additional volunteers will allow the library to continue to serve its growing membership.


Volunteering with Mt Zion Library is a unique opportunity to learn valuable librarian skills and gain insight into running a community initiative from the ground up. We have a team of amazing volunteers now and are seeking a few more committed people to lend their support for a minimum of 2 hours weekly. Head volunteer librarian Kerrisha Nelson notes, “This is an excellent opportunity in which I help others whom I never thought I could. I see how an effective small group can make a big difference in society.” Groundation Grenada Director Ayisha John says, “Reading is a pleasure that should be open to all, which is why a free library is important to me. It has been my joy to help make Mt. Zion Library a place where all can have access to books.”

As a volunteer you will become part of a community of book lovers, a supportive environment that welcomes readers of all levels. “Reading has been used as a punishment for too long and I think this library is going to be the kick start to turn that around”, says Alesia Aird, a young musician & volunteer librarian. “Volunteering is a truly rewarding experience. It’s a great way to give back to the community” says Rosemarie Rajwant, who also volunteers at Mt. Zion Library.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, you can still join the growing collective of reading and book supporters through your generous financial donations. Donations are needed to support building operating costs and employ trained staff to enhance library services and provide leadership for volunteers. Volunteering provides training and opportunities to learn about career options in teaching, library and information services and community literacy programs.


Help Mt. Zion Library to help others, now. Make a pledge today donate here.

Want to volunteer? Please email or call 457 5725. Or, drop in to the library and talk to one of our volunteers for more information. With your donation and/or participation, you will receive regular updates on our expanding membership and programs.

For more information, visit or like us on Facebook:

Thanks for your kind support.

Media Contact:

Oonya Kemapdoo

(473) 457 5725


RealGroundationLogo_TransparentGroundation Grenada is a social action collective which focuses on the use of creative media to assess the needs of our communities, raise consciousness and act to create positive radical growth. Our mission is to provide active safe spaces to incubate new modes of resistance, building from the local to affect regional and international solidarity and change. We pursue our mission online, through our website and social media, and also through live events and special projects in collaboration with local, regional and international artists, activists and institutions. Groundation Grenada’s website supports both local and diasporic voices, acting as an interface to connect people who are hungry for innovative change.

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