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Groundation August Events! Forgetting is Not an Option Phase N°1

August 1, 2014

ForgettingLogoGroundation Grenada in collaboration with ARC magazine announce the launch of Forgetting Is Not An Option Phase N°1 – a multimedia cultural memory project in which the Grenada Revolution (1979-83) is a point of departure for envisioning a new Caribbean. From 14th to 17th August, 2014, with support from Schools Without Borders, a Toronto-based community organization, we will host dynamic workshops by visiting artists-in-residence Rosabelle Illes and Robin De Vogel, screenings of Caribbean short films and so much more! Courtesy of The Grenada National Trust all events will be at  The Historic Priory building on Church Street with the exception of our Acoustic Jam Session at the Clarke’s Court Cave in Fort Matthew on Saturday 16th August  starting at 7:00pm. The final event of Phase N°1 will be a Sulphur Spring Hike on 17th Sunday August but we will meet at The Priory. 

“We look forward to welcoming a diversity of participants to help make this historic event a reality,” says Groundation Director, Kimalee Phillip. “We were very intentional in choosing the titles, frameworks and locations of the events to capture the significance of what we’re hoping to achieve – a Caribbean based on love for our people, our land and a commitment to social justice and international solidarity.”

Click to enlarge & view our full program! 

Phase1 ProgramAugust2014

“We want to ensure that no one is turned away at the door, however we do not have any major funding for this project therefore we are asking for a sliding scale donation of $5-$15EC at the door for each event,” says Groundation Director Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe. “If you like the sound of our line up purchase an All Access Pass $40EC pass. Then you can have complete access to all 4 days of events! We do not want money to be the reason for people not participating.”ForgettingLogo_Phase1



Groundation Grenada’s next step for Forgetting is Not an Option is our Open Call. October 31st 2014 midnight is the deadline for persons to submit their new and existing writing, art, performance, films, interviews etc. about the Grenada revolution and Grenada’s rich cultural memories. The goal is to create an archive and multi-layered language to discuss our histories. This will provide educators artists, academics, students and the general public with a vast resource made up of many local, regional and international voices. Forgetting is Not an Option has the potential to directly impact upon the educational curricula used in schools and welcomes institutions and individuals interested in collaboration. The project encourages people to be creative in how they remember and interact with important historical milestones and how those moments, the triumphs and failures,  can be use to inform future directions.

|| Contact us ||
Kimalee Phillip at 449-6031
Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe at 410-5271


RealGroundationLogo_TransparentGroundation Grenada is a social action collective, founded in 2009, which focuses on the use of creative media to assess the community’s needs, raise consciousness and act to create positive radical growth. We pursue our mission online, through, and through live events and special projects in collaboration with local, regional and international artists, activists and organisations. Groundation Grenada’s website supports both local and diasporic voices, acting as an interface to connect youth who are hungry for innovative change. facebook || twitter

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