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Voices of the Rising Youth – June 2014

June 2, 2014

The Writer’s Association of Grenada (WAG) are at it again with their third instalment in their ‘Voices’ series. This year’s event will be held under the theme Voices of the Rising Youth. Carded for Friday June 27th 6:30pm at the Trade Centre Gazibo in Grand Anse and Saturday June 28th, 6:30pm in The Deluxe Cinema in Grenville admission is $15. This year’s line-up includes many of the prolific writers and performers we have come to know and love such as Amilia ‘MeMe’ Jones: author of Beyond Fables: Poetry, Sherry ‘The Wordy Pheonix’ Hamlet, Damarlie ‘Equity’ Antoine, Josiah ‘Prodigy’ Bayne, Carlene Perryman and Kamille John among others.

The ‘Voices’ series was birthed in June 2012; the brainchild of Youth Activist and WAG’s P.R.O. Carlene Perryman. The event debuted under the theme: Voices of the Crying Youth at the Youth Centre, Grand Anse and focused on highlighting the pressing issues faced by the younger population. Building momentum, the show returned the following year featuring combinations of poetry with art, dance and music under the theme Voices of the Daring Youth. The performers dared the Marryshow House audience to take a stand against the wrong that was happening in society and aimed to inspire positive change in the minds of listeners. 

This year’s edition Voices of the Rising Youth will highlight the ‘Rising Youth’ in Grenada and feature appearances from Teddy D. Frederick as well a special performance by Ms Chanda Stafford the winner of the 2014 BabyRas Lyrically Fit Competition. Voices 2014 promises to be another spectacular show that intertwines poetry and the arts with social commentary and wit.

voices 2013

The cast from last year’s Voices performance

Come out and enjoy an evening of entertaining enlightenment and support the Writer’s Association of Grenada as they seek to make this venture bigger and better.

Contact:  Writers Association of Grenada Russel John (President) – 406 2028 

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