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Grenada’s Community Library Needs You!

March 27, 2014

Can’t YOU commit $10.00 per month… towards employing two youth or women in Grenada? We aim, with Mt Zion Library, Homework and Reading Center, to show how important a library (and educational support) is, and to provide an example of a desirable career option. Help us to offer training and create a salaried position for a Head Librarian and a part-time Children’s Librarian.

Please donate: Click HERE or Call (473) 404-1609!

Remember to SPECIFY “Mt Zion Library.” SELECT “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” and we will send you a profile of the person whose life you will improve, and updates on our human capital developments.

Volunteer Rosemarie with librarians Kerrisha & Ayisha (Groundation Co-Director)  
Photograph by Arnaldo James

Right now, volunteers are cataloguing and sorting books onto shelves… thank you for your support to make this all possible so far. Our pace is slow but so is the challenging situation of high unemployment and less value for the services of a library in the face of tv/digital entertainment.

This is a documented collective action for literacy and public access to books in Grenada. Our General Collection and Children’s Library will be responding to members requests for relevant texts and services, and you are a major part of this when you donate!


Oonya Kempadoo on the behalf of the Mt. Zion Library Committee



Groundation Grenada is a youth led social action collective, founded in 2009, which focuses on the use of creative media to assess the community’s needs, raise consciousness and act to create positive radical growth.  We pursue our mission online, through, and this year began expanding to live events and special projects in collaboration with local, regional and international artists and activists. Groundation Grenada’s website supports both local and diasporic voices, acting as an interface to connect youth who are hungry for innovative change.


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