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Killing Freedom

October 7, 2013

Tokra Neocell


It’s the first of the month and I’m already broke,
Yea you heard me right I never misspoke,
Sitting on the corner having a smoke,
Contemplating how this world is a joke.

Followed society and got me an education,
Diplomas, degrees and other certification
Student loans signed , now it’s time to slave them
For a chance at a job to make the paper of nations

But they rigged the system so we never had a chance,
99 percent will never advance,
They gave us media to keep us in a trance
So we would never realize our true circumstance

The wealthy have more then they can spend in life,
But pay a living wage, nah they rather twist the knife,
And see men die under constant toil and strife
Not caring one bit as long as their bank book looks right.

This is the world, the truth that we live in,
Where the poor and hungry are really the victims,
But the media would tell you that they are the villains,
Build jails and prisons to house millions of citizens,

The system is broken and it’s time for a change,
But if we don’t stand up and all get enraged,
Then the majority would continue to live in a cage,
We need more humanity and equality of wage.



Tok’ra Neocell is a Grenadian Photographer/cinematographer who loves the sights, sounds and diversity of earth’s many cultures and wishes to see humans adopt a more open minded, progressive and humane stance towards one another.  A love for freedom and expression enhancing technologies also inspires his creative projects.

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