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ComplexdWoman Magazine Launches Gender Issue

August 20, 2013

ComplexdWoman Cover - Gender Issue 11

ComplexdWoman, created by Grenadian Kered Clement in 2010, is a lifestyle magazine celebrating women of all shades, shapes and sizes. The magazine’s gender issue was launched yesterday, August 19th 2013, in time with “Everyone Has a Right to Be” Caribbean day of action against homophobic and transphobic violence. ComplexdWoman is truly a groundbreaking publication AND it is available free online magazine. In a 2011 interview Kered, Editor-in-Chief, said, ‘My readers have expressed that the strong visual content is something they would want to have, hold and collect. I completely agree with them, but also believe that launching online was the best decision I ever made due to the range of cultures and countries that our target audience of women represents. Being digital allows us to reach them all.’

In reflection on this current issue here is what Kered had to say,

The Gender issue has left my eyes and my mind wide open. What started off originally as the Empowerment issue led me down a completely different path when I met a Womanist. This woman – who currently graces the cover – not only appreciates women and their contribution to this world, but has intimate relationships with them. Her unique perspective steered the issue in the direction of gender and sexuality. I learned a lot from the women interviewees who fall in love with women and, on a personal level, I learned to set aside the prejudices I had grown up with to be able to listen to the stories of these women and share them with you. Take your time with this issue; read every word and read it with an open mind. Rid these women of labels and appreciate the challenges they have faced not only being women, but also living a life society deems unconventional.

Read ComplexdWoman Here!



Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe - Director of Groundation GrenadaMalaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe
Co-Founding Director  Groundation Grenada

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe is a Grenadian contemporary artist and activist. She is director of public relations at The Grenada Goat Dairy Project. She is also co-founder of Spice Harmony Yoga Studio in Calivigny St.George, Grenada. Malaika is a certified yoga teacher, holds a BA in Studio Art from Smith College and is pursuing her MA in Cultural Studies through University of the West Indies.

Twitter: @malaikabsl Instagram: @malaikabsl

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