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Grenada Couture?

July 5, 2013

::Youth Scoop::
New to Groundation Grenada, ‘Youth Scoop’ articles feature the writing of secondary school students exclusively. This is our first, have a look below!


Off with a half hour late start but accompanied with good music, I Am Fashion 2 on June 16th 2013, was on a roll, a mediocre one for starters. As we were greeted with a warm straight to the point welcome by Neisha La Touche, one of the production directors,  the buzz of excitement within the audience was overwhelming. From teens to adults, everyone glowing with excitement; you could sense the high expectations. Swiftly after the welcome the first collection ‘Attitude’ by Jamal Alexis was introduced by none other than our amazing host for the event Ms. Aruna Neptune. The following were my favourite collections.

Attitude~ Jamal Alexis

IMG_6830Consisting of eleven pieces, and an absolutely stunning opening piece,  this collection was a great way to start the show. With an array of bright colours in each piece and  a mix of floral patterns, this collection was top notch. Mr. Alexis had two male outfits that were basically an open chest jacket with matching capris, nothing too out of the box but still interesting enough. The highlight of this collection was definitely the mini tie dye dresses! The models lived up to the theme ‘Attitude’, walking strong with high heads and striking hard on their poses. The audience was captivated. ‘Attitude’ definitely added some attitude to the mainstream ‘Caribbean wear’ look. Hats off to Mr. Jamal Alexis for an impressive collection.

Nettienne ~Neila Ettienne


This collection honestly kept my eyes hooked. With eight pieces, it still had many elements to offer. The headpieces definitely stood out the most to me. From the size, colours, and detailed work I was in definite awe of this handy work. Neila used pops of colour such as pink, purple, blue, yellow and bits of floral art and patterns to really bring life to her pieces. Unfortunately this collection brought the first wardrobe malfunction of the night with a ‘nip slip’ from an ill-fitting lilac top. I must compliment the model for a quick recovery.  Other than that, Neila was very proud of her collection and so was the audience. She walked out with an enormous smile accompanied by a lusty applause.

Caribbean Colours ~ Angelo Moore

IMG_6933This collection focused on men’s wear imported and sold by Caribbean Colours. The audience went wild as we got our first look at all the male models for the night. With exposed chests, amazing bodies and chiseled jaws; there was a thin line between paying attention to the clothes and the bodies they were on. All in all this collection was quite simple but very out there with the colours, which is always a nice surprise in men’s wear. The men weren’t fazed by the overwhelming stir in the audience, which was quite impressive.  They gave a good show.

Sabriece ~ Lydia Smith

IMG_6989This collection gave an extremely homemade, tropical, laid back feeling. With slip on dresses, flowing skirts, and sea glass accessories, Sabriece really made a statement. The crafty accessories in this collection were what caught my eye the most. The sea glass matched perfectly with the outfits and the use of sandals instead of high heels was a brilliant way to add a sense of easiness to the collection.  Interesting patterns were used as well as delicate earthy colours such as moss green, forest green, and deep blue, which really added to this collection’s freshness. This collection seemed to have two parts that didn’t quite fit together. Though Lydia may have just been trying to show range, the last four pieces didn’t fit the initial mood, they were more like evening wear. The models were decked out in high heels and gowns. Overall Sabriece was a definite favourite for me and was excellently done by Lydia Smith.

Miranda Hamid (Production Director)

IMG_7183I call this collection ‘The Classy Tropical Goddess’. I will gladly explain why. From the music (live performance by violinist Donnell Best), to the styling, to the clothing this collection was cohesive and had the utmost attention from the audience. It awed, and did not stop to do so for the slightest second. If I for some reason was never able to wear the clothing in this collection, I would just buy it for the sake of having it. That’s simply how lovely it all was. With twelve pieces, each having some story of its own, one could simply feel the dedication in this. There was a keen and lavish use of colours such as magenta with beige and white. The feeling of this entire collection was elegant but did not have that structured strict look that can come with elegance; instead it was light, flowy and earthy which is where the tropical goddess feel came from. A very versatile collection, I can’t wait to see more from Miranda Hamid! Awesome work!

Inday Collection~Inday Mark

IMG_7243This collection was outstanding to me for the crochet work. With such intricate details and appealing colours; I’ve never been so captivated and impressed by swim wear ever. This was a lovely surprise and no piece lowered the bar but kept it steady as the models owned the runway; they felt confident and strut with pride, which was excellent. It really sold the pieces. Inday Collections was riveting.

Silhouette ~ Neisha La Touche (Production Director)

IMG_7442Silhouette offered calm colours with one or two more tailored pieces. For the last collection I was expecting a real showstopper, and I know that Neisha has the ability to do so, but this collection did not reach my expectations. The light coral draped gown and striped patterned jumpsuit were amongst the tolerable few. The collection had a meaningful sophisticated base that Neisha pulled off well. But, it was quite obvious that she focused more on organizing the event than her own collection.

Now, we can’t forget the talented models that showcased the impeccable work of the designers. I wanted to get a realistic feel of the entire experience of the models, so I got two willing volunteers to share their views anonymously.



“What were two positive experiences from your involvement?”

Both models made reference to personal enhancement and how valuable the model development workshop was to them; whether for inspiration or useful tips.

“What were two negative experiences from your involvement?”

Both models complained about the expenses. One specifically pointed out the registration fee of $10.00. This doesn’t seem to be much but when given good thought; the models were the ones working for the designers not the other way around. The models were the ones providing a service. One model complained about time, while the other specifically mentioned the unprofessional behavior of the directors.  Well, there’s always room for improvement and from the looks of things the I Am Fashion crew needs to take a step back and consider reorganizing.

“Was there a set schedule for practice?”

Apparently an actual schedule wasn’t set from the get go but there was a ‘makeshift’ one two days prior to the show. Certainly not impressive.

“Were practices organized, productive, and time friendly?”

Both models had differing views on this, one stated that the practices were organized and productive while the other stated that the practices were far from organized and slightly productive, but they both agreed that they were time friendly, except for the fact that for every practice the main director Neisha La Touche arrived late.

“How did you mentally prepare for the show?”

One model decided that observing professionals would put her in the right mind set while the other thought that thinking positively gave her the confidence she needed.

“Did you physically prepare for the show?”

Both models thought a change in diet was the way to go, understandable. Both also practiced their walking skills in heels. One model mentioned increasing her fitness level. All understandable efforts to physically prepare for the show.

“Was it organized backstage?”

Both models mentioned the expected hecticness backstage. Some designers required the same models as others so there was sometimes a moment of disorganization, other than that they both agreed that it was manageable.

With this insight it is very obvious that the I Am Fashion 2 committee would benefit from listening to constructive criticism so that this, now annual, event can get better each year. At the same time, to pull off such a successful show despite some flaws, is extremely commendable. It was wonderful to see a show full of models that represented different types of beauty. It would have been great if there was a table at the event with business cards for each of the designers so that interested people could contact them easily, after all, building a stronger local fashion industry is a major goal of these types of events.

Photography by Arthur Daniel


SharifaLoweSharifa Brooks-Smith-Lowe is a Grenadian secondary school student. She is currently preparing to tackle her CXC examinations next year. She enjoys creative writing and crafts. Sharifa is prone crying at the drop of a dime, usually for something she finds overwhelmingly pleasant. She is looking forward to graduating, “a change of scenery would be nice.”

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  1. July 5, 2013 1:34 pm

    Amazing and well written article Rifa! Keep it up, I defo had an enjoyable read

    • sharifalowe permalink
      July 6, 2013 4:26 pm

      Thanks again Solange!

  2. July 5, 2013 5:15 pm

    Wow Sharifa! Great in depth analysis of the entire event! Positive constructive criticism is how we shall improve the quality of our events.

    • sharifalowe permalink
      July 6, 2013 4:28 pm

      Thank you very much! And indeed, listening intently to constructive criticism is the way to go.

  3. Pat permalink
    July 5, 2013 10:23 pm

    Great piece!

    • sharifalowe permalink
      July 6, 2013 4:29 pm

      Thank you so much for reading; much appreciated!

  4. July 9, 2013 3:31 pm

    Great article!! Definitely professional!


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