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April 15, 2013
landscape of memory by monkeyinfez

Photo: Landscape of Memory by monkeyinfez


Once more my vision is warped
By an invisible force which does not exist.
No bars
No walls
No gaping chasms
To separate me from my dream.
Yet I am still separated from my dream.
Distanced from myself
Walled into myself

Afraid to step beyond what I can perceive.
Afraid to step beyond that I am deceived.
Afraid to step beyond what I think others think
Of me.

So I am boxed in
In a cage of film
Just watching the world go by.
How it ought to be
In my mind.
I rewind
I start over
I change what I want
To suit what I think others think I need.

Oh if I could only break through
This film strip in front me eyes!
The lies
The tales
My story
Their story.
And see for real
And live for real
What I know I need to do.

If only I could rip apart
This thin
Non-existent barrier
That separates me from my dream.
I’ve seen it so many times
On this film strip
Played over
And over
And over again.
Until I sigh
For to me it’s just a movie.


Marcus KingMarcus King
Born and raised in Barbados, Marcus King began writing at an early age and has found joy in developing thoughts and ideas into works of art. He has written frequently in The Edit magazine as a student at Glasgow Caledonian University and holds a BSc in Mathematics. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Risk Management. Blogs: The Silver Chair & From The Journal. Twitter: @gsucram

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  1. April 16, 2013 12:08 pm

    I love this so much!!!

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