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Happy International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2013

As I sat down to create a post in honor of all of the dynamic women identified people of the world, this video by Arc Magazine popped up on my facebook newsfeed and the timing ended up being perfect. Vincentian co-founders Holly Bynoe and Nadia Huggins are incredible examples of woman who are making powerful change in the spirit of love and community. Arc is a non-profit biannual and online publication dedicated to contemporary Caribbean art. Arc emphasizes the undeniable connection between art and our societies. It foregrounds the ways that artists engage with our politics, hopes, fears, inequalities, desires and pleasures. I am a proud owner of the 1st three limited edition issues of Arc’s mind blowing print publication. I’m really looking forward to adding issues 4, 5 and 6 to my collection (late birthday presents definitely accepted).  I’m also  humbled to be feature as an emerging Caribbean artist in their July 2011 issue. Holly and Nadia are both personal inspirations of mine but in addition, their work through Arc inspires our vision for Groundation Grenada. We feel like a small part of a creative, critical thinking and compassionate movement in the region. Have a look at their latest video, it is a beautiful crafted homage to what Arc is and the artists it nurtures.

Happy International Women’s Day!

 P.S. International Women’s Day Mixtape?!


International Women’s Day is an important day for many of us. It provides each of us with an opportunity to reflect on all the critical contributions women around the world have made. Acknowledging these contributions, and in the spirit of sisterhood and solidarity DJ Afifa and Amina Doherty, two other incredible women making waves in the Caribbean, have once again come together to co-create a compilation of music that honours the voices of some truly brilliant womyn artists. Get the FREE DOWNLOAD of the SO((U))LHERVERE mixtape at Follow Her Footsteps.


Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe
Co-Founder Groundation Grenada

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe is a Grenadian contemporary artist and activist. She is director of public Relations at The Grenada Goat Dairy Project. She is also co-founder of Spice Harmony Yoga Studio in Calivigny St.George, Grenada. Malaika is a certified yoga teacher, holds a BA in Studio Art from Smith College and is pursuing her MA in Cultural Studies through University of the West Indies.

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