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Tellin’ it Like it is ~ Poetry Slam!

February 11, 2013

In recognition of Valentines Day Feb 14th the Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) together with GrenAIDS (formerly know as the World AIDS Day Committee) will be hosting a second POETRY SLAM event at the Old Trafford playing field in Tanteen, St. George’s from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Telling it Like it is

This event is part of both organizations’ initiative to not only create a youth friendly space, but also to raise social consciousness around the increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS infections amongst the youth population throughout the Caribbean region, and the hurtful effects of HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination.

YAM Grenada

Additionally, the relevant importance of abstinence, being faithful, consistent condom use, and HIV testing will be highlighted through spoken word poetry, live demonstrations, interactive lessons and games. YAM has been advocating for the sexual and reproductive health rights and achievements of Grenadian youths since 1986, then it was better know as the Under Twenty Club. Today YAM continues to advocate a safe sex message, however, the movement is committed to ensuring young people and adolescent participation and leadership in matters related to Sexual & Reproductive Health issues.

**After the Poetry Slam, head over the Camerhogne Park, Grand Anse, for Groundation’s Community Yoga in honor of the global day of action, One Billion Rising. 4:30pm**

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