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Almost 600 views in just 2 days!

November 20, 2012

Big up to our Co-Founder, Richie Maitland, for releasing his first solo production on youtube this Sunday! Even without an official video (yet!) is video has close to 600 views already!

Positive music, positive vibrations. Enjoy. Click “read more” below for lyrics.

we don’t care for the 2 face thiefin
vampire, vulture, who stay creeping
get up and live, who play sleeping?
burn out all wolf and burn out all sheep in…
human clothes
rasta don’t care for them do’s and dont’s
2 paths to choose, don’t lose and low
I and I say u must choose and grow.
…na go turn bandelero, to get no dinero
man a trod Moses, burn down Pharaoh
cyan program rasta fast as the day go,
rasta no soft head, burn out all play dough…
here we come, we ma rude and boast
man a stay humble and blew my post
spirit firm cyan move my ghost,
don’t care about you and those.


Them want we comply then complain,
confirm and when we come fly, them constrain
and the media numb brain….with tv
but roots man dem just cyan contain
dem say, we wild, we untamed,
say we rude, cause we na hide tongue,we come plain
we seek truth, burn fortune and fame.
still them rather see we sell out and turn lame…
they’re…in a well and in need of hydration
oppression suppression, leads to iration
recession, depression, losing my patience,
leads to nuff crime, consuming libation.
…can’t u see? the emperor’s new clothes?
parading in front with his dingling exposed
charading and yet still u never suppose
that, you shoulda turn up ur nose.


so, may peace and niceness reign
life force as ur wisdom increase
no matter how we cool and calm, long time rasta fighting the beast
no matter how dem try fight we down, ey, dem things is the least,
no matter how dem boy hink they win, rasta rise like the sun in the east.
Check my watch. Time is 4.20 I gotta get something sweet,
I gotta check the rasta man, living by me right up the street.
Keep my vibes, keep my flow, no matter what they try and try
Rasta tell u, dread I say, it’s the love within I and I.

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  1. Salisha.F permalink
    December 8, 2012 8:16 am

    This is fantastic Richie! I thoroughly enjoyed it! When can it be expected to be on itune?

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