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100,000 Poets & Musicians for Change

October 2, 2012

This past Saturday, 29th September, was ‘100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change’, an annual movement to promote social, environmental and economical change through poetry and music. With over 700 events in 112 participating countries this event is geared towards creating conscious awareness within the context of peace and sustainability; the stimulus needed for the change we seek.

Our own co-founder, Richie, was part of this movement. He collaborated with family and friends this Saturday to create a short film built around poetry. While we anxiously await the post-production process of the film to be completed so we can share it, below is a ‘100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change’ poem by one of our favourite artists & peacebuilders, Maureen St. Clair.

‘The I That I am’ painting by Maureen St. Clair

Why Should I?

Why should I
walk a straight line
and into a box
when my heart tells me to
and fly
to the beat of
my own natural
earth quenching rhythms

Why should I bother
what others say, think, feel
when my heart tells me
to live like its’ my final hour
like it’s the last month of
my full moon beauty
my season to bloom
and sprout hummingbird

Why should i
forget about those around me
the young child a day-plane away
who sits in fear of
ancestral grounds burnt,
mothers and fathers murdered,
brothers kidnapped into the bush
When my heart says to
embrace the sorrow
as if its’ my own extended sadness

Why should i
move as though
the earth is not dying,
as though there is
no other generation
to come but mine,
deny the great unraveling,
believe in a bottomless food source
tied up in pretty packaging
When all i want to do
is cry for our Mother Earth
get on my knees
and say sorry for the millionth time
When all i want to do
is yell from the bottom
of my ignorance
wake up me!
wake up you!

Why should I
get tangled in my own
when my heart tells me to
speak the words of alliance
tame this privileged mind
be more then what history predicts
undo the colonial teachings

Why should I
ask for more and more
when what I have is enough
and my heart is begging me
to be still
and breath
so the beating of my heart hurts no one

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