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The Grenada Goat Dairy School Project!

August 27, 2012

Generously created by Grenadian artist Stacey Byer for The Goat Dairy!

We have a close relationship with this incredible non-profit called The Grenada Goat Dairy Project, because Malaika (Co-founder of Groundation) is the project’s Director of Public relations. Since last year she has been working closely with the team, comprised primarily of local farmers, to raise awareness about the work that they do. The Goat Dairy is a living example, education and demonstration facility focused on supporting low income communities, established in 2008. This is really one of the only functioning projects in Grenada that is geared toward sustainable development.

Now they are launching a new initiative, a partnership with the St. Patrick Anglican Public School to create an interactive goat dairy next to the schools budding garden. This will be an incredible learning experience for students and community members. The goat dairy is really a platform for addressing many issues that are critical to Grenada’s development: food security, economic growth, health, holistic education, sustainable development etc. is one of the largest social media funding websites in the world and this is where they have launched their fundraising campaign for this school effort. Watch the 5 minute video about the project HERE! Be a part of the change. Grenada to the world!

Students at the St. Patrick Anglican School with goat kid, Dwayne

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