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Caribbean Youth Empowerment Programme

July 23, 2012



The Grenada Industrial Development Corporation has announced a promising new initiative, its Caribbean Youth Empowerment Programme. We don’t have many details about this but it seemed geared towards young people who slipped through the cracks of traditional secondary school but are still motivated to achieve highly, either by starting their own business or finding employment at an existing company. Click flyer to enlarge for details & contact information.


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  1. Kadie! permalink
    December 8, 2012 11:34 am

    One of the requirements is 4 CXC subjects, hardly sounds like slippage through the cracks .. but I admire the initiative; it is definitely needed … Hope many youth take advantage of it and it grows to be a sustainable and long term program.

    On another note, the term at-risk youth has never really sat well with me .. it’s a label that has marginalized youth and particular communities .. they are labelled, and due to poor investment in those areas, they fulfill this label.

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