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Victims Speak Out ~ This groundbreaking event needs a space

July 2, 2012

Grenadian social activist KizzyAnn Abraham launched the Poster/Photography campaign, Victims Speak Out, on March 8th 2012 to commemorate International Women’s Day and more importantly to spark public dialogue around the perversity of violence against women and children within Grenadian society. Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse are encouraged to speak out about their experiences of violence by sharing their stories on posters. Volunteers then pose for photographic stills that recreate scenes of abuse. Kizzy and her team are seeking a space to house an exhibition of the works that come out of this campaign. Ideally the space should be:

  • In the capital where there would be maximum access for a broad cross section of Grenada. (This could even be an empty store etc.) 
  • Reasonably prices, there is a small budget but they are willing to negotiate, or of course accept the offer of a free space.
  • Easily accessible to differently-abled persons.
  • Available for the exhibit to run roughly between Oct 24th – December 10th

“If you don’t intend to hear me…”, Photograph from 1st photoshoot for Victims Speak Out.

This project is being supported by the Ministry of Social Development, Grenada National Organization of Women and Legal Aid and Counseling Clinic as part of a broader UNTF project State Response to End Violence against Women: Legislative and Policy Reform Implementation Project.

If you want to suggest a space or are interested in bring involved in the project please contact KizzyAnn at or via telephone at 405-8550.

Click the image below to visit Victims Speak Out on Facebook

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