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Grenada’s City of God ~ A Reflection

June 16, 2012

I just arrived home from seeing a free screening of “City of God/Cidade de Deus” (2002) a brazilian film directed by Fernando Meirelles. Some of you may be more familiar with his more recent/ english work The Constant Gardener (2005) and Blindness (2008). City of God is one of my favorite films, but even more exciting is the fact that I had the opportunity to see this film screening here in Grenada. I think this is really an amazing initiative by the Brazilian embassy. Not only are exciting films, which have never been screened in Grenada, being made available to the broad Grenadian public (though publicity about the event has been minimal) but these films are also helping to foster south-south connections. I am not familiar with the other films but I definitely plan on seeing them. For the next few Saturdays there will be screenings at 4:30p at Movie Palace, alll free! (see the schedule here).

City of God, is a beautifully shot and intricate set of short stories, woven together to paint a picture of a moment in time in one community in Brazil. As incredible as the lighting and the framing is, the stories are filled with pain, though one can’t help but laugh at a number of points throughout the film. Life is filled with trials, trials that may not be as violent on a daily basis for most Grenadians, but which still resonate. It is refreshing to see complex characters, not relying heavily on cliques and stereotypes. No one is quite “all bad” or quite “all good”. We are drawn into a world of people that look familiar, that (even in another language) sound a bit familiar too.

I will definitely be heading to the other screenings of Grenada’s 1st Brazilian Film Festival!

~ Malaika

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  1. June 18, 2012 9:31 am

    good morning, thanks for spreading the word of brazillain film fest. i saw city of god a few years ago and was mesmerized by the story telling aspect. the violence was difficult to watch however real! and yes most grenadians do not expereince such degreee of violence however with the recent choppings in Willis makes one more and more aware of the youth violence rising here on the island. photography and film are such powerful tools to enable youths to document the violence and dig deeper into the root causes and then startegies to address the roots of the violence. again thanks for being a voice out there!!! one love maureen

    • Groundation Grenada Action Collective permalink*
      June 18, 2012 11:27 am

      Blessings and love on this monday morning. Thank you for joining the discussion. “Punishment” is being put forward as a solution to violence when it does not even begin to address what is at the root of this growing frustration & often involves violence as well. cycle. Have you seen Born in Brothels? It is a documentary about using photography as a tool for children of women involved in sex work to express themselves and their world as they see it. Projects like that are seen as low priority in the context of economic instability but really, as you said there, is power in voice and power in coming together to create rather than destroy. ~ Malaika

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