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February 14, 2012

Repeating Islands

One of the many Grammy-related articles after last night’s awards is that singer Adele, who won six trophies—including the prestigious trifecta of Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year—has been accompanied for the last few years by musical director and keyboardist Miles Robertson. See full article below:

Those fans watching Adele’s first post surgery performance at the Grammy’s Sunday night, may also have caught sight of her pianist, who accompanied her during her performance of “Rolling In The Deep.”

He is Miles Robertson, Adele’s musical director and keyboardist who was born in Barbados. Robertson was born into a family of musicians. His maternal grandparents as well as his mother, Janice Millington, were established Barbadian artists, and his father, Raf Robertson is a noted Caribbean jazz pianist.

Robertson bases his success on hard work, discipline and dedication, for which he gives credit to his mother…

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