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Anonymous Extraordinaries

January 23, 2012

All we need most times is a little inspiration. Share this video with all the young people that you know…maybe this will be the moment that sparks their vision. Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading is full of thousands of incredible videos like this so check it out.

At 17, Natalie Warne saw a documentary that changed her whole approach to life and motivated her to act & her actions made real change! Here she talks about the Anonymous Extraordinaries who fuel every movement!


Click the image below for more information about the organization, Invisible Children.

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  1. January 23, 2012 8:31 pm

    This Was So Amazingly Inspirational And Really Made Me Feel Like I Can Make A Difference And That Everyone Is Worth Something In The World …And To Hear That Such A Thing Was Happening In Africa Made Me Feel Sorry For Those Kids And Guilty That No One Had Done Anything About It For 25 years… But To Know That There Are People Out There Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Make A Difference And even If Its Just To Let Someone Know That They Matter, Makes Me Delighted!

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