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Barbados Artists’ Public Art ~ Ply Wood Project

September 26, 2011

Projects & Space is an amazing group in Barbados for artists of all kinds…visual artists, poets, musicians. They have

Roshida Bradshaw's Work

monthly meetings and connect through a facebook group daily to support each others work, share ideas and inspiration, and plan collaborative projects. One such initiative was the Ply Wood Project, which was a moving installation of small 10 x 10 inch art works done, yes, on simple ply wood. Anything can be your medium. These dynamic pieces was installed briefly at a few different outdoor locations on Saturday (Sept 24th) then the final installation was at the Boardwalk, Hastins on Sunday (Sept 25th). By the end of it all the work was sold! Congrats to all the coordinators and artists!

Check out the founder of Project & Space, Shenna Rose, in the short video below.

Get more information and photographs of The Ply Wood Project and their other projects  here or search Projects & Space on Facebook. The group is open to artists from around the region! 

Boardwalk show! Sunday Sept 25th, Barbados

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  1. September 27, 2011 10:58 am

    Oh this is fantastic! How fun!

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