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Troy Davis…Deathrow without the evidence

September 18, 2011

Troy Davis is set to be executed in Georgia (USA) this Weds Sept 21st but there is a huge lack of evidence… Thousands marched in support of him and it’s not to late for you to do something. Though this case is not based in Grenada or the region, we still think it is important to highlight the injustices that are happening around the world. Our solidarity can make a difference. It is also necessary to keep our eyes open and notice the kinds of questions being raised, and see if we can do similar interrogations at home. What do we know about our rights? our justice system? or prison system?

The first video by Amnesty International  is brief and easy to follow overview of Troy Davis’ Case. The second video is a pretty neat public art response to the case a German street art collective Mentalgassi teamed up with Amnesty International.

It is not too late for your voice to be heard if you too see the lack of evidence. It takes less than 10 seconds…go to to send a message directly to the judge who can stop the execution. 



Troy Davis: Making the invisible visible from Amnesty International on Vimeo.

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