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Books Books Books!

May 2, 2010

We are both complete Bibliophiles and have come across enough others in Grenada to know that we need more books on the island to nourish all of these insatiasble appetites for the written word. So as I get my stuff  (mattress, bike etc) together to ship back home…I am also organizing a minibook drive.

The community needs to see concrete actions that work before they will give the eventual Arts and Media Community Center full backative…so why not get as many books and I can while im here! We can start up a community library this summer!

Here is the blast I send out….

Dear Beautiful People,

I am contacting you in this season to contribute to a conscious effort with your spring cleaning. Groundation Grenada Action Collective, as part of a larger project to develop an Arts and Media Community Center in Grenada over the next couple years, is asking for donations of books and other written media to begin a community library. As a secondary school student in Grenada I remember trading books with friends and being so excited to get my hands on something new and have someone to share that with. Grenada is full of minds that are yearning for larger access to books.  If during your spring cleaning you find any books, periodicals, newsletters, magazine, comics etc, that you are willing to pass on please put them aside for this initiative. The Deadline is June 1st 2010.

1725 Dorchester Rd. Apt 2c

Brooklyn, NY



Contact me at to have them picked up anywhere in NYC. Please include the best times for pick up in your email.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Love & Light

Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe

Co-Founder Groundation Grenada

P.S. We are open to all books both Fiction and Non-Fiction. Some suggestions of topics etc…

. your own writing


.african diaspora

.asian/asian diaspora

.latin America

.women’s rights/gender relations

.holistic health

.social/mass movements


.young adult

.eco sustainability

. DIY (do-it- yourself)




.film studies

.cultural critism




.non- profit work


.just to name a few…

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