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BEHOLD the Person – Summer Interactive Multimedia Series

January 15, 2010

The Sponsorship letters are out! We hope that corporate Grenada and the government will respond affirmatively to this ambitious venture.

Behold the Person was born of the idea that there is a pervading social apathy and ignorance that hinders the Grenadian public from realizing their full potential. This is particularly troubling because the region is fertile with socio-political history and Caribbean people who through ambition, vision and discipline were able to establish significant chapters in the books of Caribbean and World history. They marked the Social landscape with their lives and their dreams, leaving ideas and foundations that can be empirically built upon. As an expression of will, this dynamic history we have inherited can provide inspiration for generations to come so that we too can realize our ambitions.

Sadly the legacies left by these Caribbean stalwarts, being intangible, are being lost, which is especially a travesty because we now live in the ‘information age’. Lost in the current zeitgeist of materialism, entertainment celebrity, individualism, avarice, media monopoly and imperialism (cultural and otherwise).

Evidence of this is manifested in Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara becoming a pop culture icon, whose image is ‘capitalised’ upon. This is an irony we will definitely explore during our presentation night dedicated to his life and work. We also see evidence of our history being lost when in conversation, monumental figures like Walter Rodney are only nominally known, existing vaguely somewhere on the periphery in the “I think I heard of” section of the mind.

Behold the Person is a move to positively militate against this zeitgeist of ignorance and consequent attitudes and contingencies.  It is a replanting of our rich Caribbean history so that it will take root in our consciousness, grow and live strong in the spirits of generations to come.

Behold the Person!

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