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Lagoon Road Update!

September 10, 2009

So as mentioned in the summary of projects, Richie and I have been filming interviews about current tourist businesses that are in the process of being built by  foreign companies in the Lagoon Rd area. We are done filming and are now at the  Post-production stage. We captured a lot of footage- incredible experiences and opinions on the issues. Unfortunately we have both left the island for the next few months because I wish we could film more! There is so much to say on the issue…so needless to say we are no longer just making a short Public Service Announcement. We are also going to be making a documentary film.

I left a few weeks before Richie did but we were able to locate a video camera so that he could continue shooting. I am looking forward to receiving the tapes in the mail.  It is my first graders’ first week of school so I have been busy but I have reviewed some of the footage that I brought back with me. I have also been gathering music for the soundtrack. All I can say is that I am incredibly excited by the looks of the material so far! We have interviews with people who were dislocated by the Port St.Louis project and placed in unsafe, inaccessible and unsanitary settlements. We have discussions with community organizers etc. We are going to be using the song “No Cottages” by Francis Urias Peters as the theme song for the documentary. He sung this song specifically in protest of the issue of construction and reclamation on the Lagoon. We also have the go ahead to use “Hail Grenada” by Gun and music by Patrick Delves. Smoke Screen Productions is also on board to either create or let us use some of their music. Things are really coming together!

I plan to post clips of the interviews as I am capturing them to computer for editing. Since we will only be using parts of them for the film I think this is the perfect forum to have full clips of the interviews we did. These voices must be heard!

In solidarity,


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