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Art & Media Community Center Update w/ audio from the Meeting.

September 10, 2009

On August 6th we had a groundbreaking first meeting to discuss the development of an Art and Media Community Center in Grenada.

*Our next face to face meeting will be held in late December.

*If you are interested in being involved in whatever capacity on the project please email us and click here to join the google group that we set up so we can collectively work on planning.

August 6th Meeting


The audio begins just after Malaika begins introducing herself

Art & Media Community Center: First Development Meeting Part 1 (mp3 format)

Art & Media Community Center: First Development Meeting Part 2 (mp3 format)



-Overview of ideas behind the project (starts at 4:45 mins on audio)

-Key Programs, Resources and Events at the Community Center (starts at 8:30mins)

-Discussion/Comments/Feedback (starts at 16:30mins)

-Next Steps (starts at 40:10mins)

In attendance…

Gino Charles
Akeem Frank
Richie Maitland
Justin Davis-Metzner
Diyanna Gulston
Harold Quash
Afibah McQueen
Joe Mulvey
MaryAnn Mulvey
Ferron Lowe
Tisagh Chase
Kinter Pierre
Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe

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  1. sharifa lowe permalink
    September 12, 2009 10:43 pm

    I have joined the group and I think that this is a great and creative idea and I’m glad that I’m part of this.I also will advise anyone who comes to this site to join and understand that art isn’t only painting(but there are some very great artist out there) but also:music,dance, desinging, and there is much more.This is my personal look at it.Thank you!

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