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Summary of Projects

August 17, 2009

Lagoon Road Development Watch Group

This involves the production of  Video Public Service Announcements on the models and consequent implications  of development of the Lagoon Area and the implication of development in the Port Louis Project . These videos will be circulated via the Internet and aired on television to raise awareness on the implications of these proposed developments.

While we are not opposed to the Marina development Project and indeed see its merit, we are diametrically opposed to the treatment of the Mt. Panday “squatters” and their continued plight to date, as well as erection of infrastructure on the lagoon park and its natural complement, the denial of Grenadian citizens of a piece of their topographic heritage.

Behold the Person

A 6 week interactive lecture series to be hosted, hopefully, at the Marryshow House in St.George’s summer next. Each lecture will engage a plethora of media to extol the principles, philosophies, lives and struggles of powerful conscious Caribbean figures.  Each lecture will end with questions/comments and a general discussion over wine and cheese. Event will be media covered.

Art and Media Community Center

Our  vision is to establish an Art and Media Community Center in Grenada, which will be the pivotal point of social action and creative exploration. Harnessing the power of collaboration the aim of the center is to promote a holistic approach to a healthy life for the individual and community. The goal is to engage our society in creative expression while empowering us to think about the power that representing ourselves has when it comes to social development and change. Therefore, an emphasis will be place on documenting the unique voices of Grenada by building an Oral History Library. Also major focus will be placed on engaging the broader community with these stories and issues that are relevant to them through public art projects such as murals and street theater performances.

The center will model the idea that our society, rich in human and natural resources, has the capacity to sustain and improve itself. It will call upon members of the Grenadian and Caribbean communities locally and in the diaspora to volunteer to share their vital knowledge in fields such as journalism, theatre production, filmmaking, photography, printmaking and textile design. As there is a need for work for us and by us some of what is produced through these skill-sharing workshops would be sold to contribute to the costs of maintenance and further programing initiatives.

The center will be fully equipped with a book and media library. This library will specifically feature creative and non-fictional written and filmic work from the region and the African diaspora more broadly. Additionally the center, which ideally will be solar powered and otherwise eco-friendly, will have computers with the necessary digital design and editing software, a projector for film screenings and discussions and hopefully a number of other tools. These resources will help facilitate critical dialogue and community action using art and media as an entry point to looking at issues facing our society.

We have a few more projects that we will post brief summaries of soon…

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